About the Film

Blood Angel is a Metro-Detroit based feature film created by high school students on a very limited budget. Produced by Aaron Keteyian, and written/directed by Ryan Stratton, this film was made with one goal in mind: to successfully make the highest quality, most professional film possible.

In July of 2009, Keteyian was in search of a composer for his current project, a short film called "The Bad Drummer's Handbook." Stratton was that composer. The two met over Facebook, and clicked immediately, sharing not only an intense love of film, but also an extreme desire to elevate the quality and scale of typical teenage productions. Soon, the film was cast, a crew was set, and a first filming date was in place. From that point onward, everyone working on the film vowed to do everything as professionally as possible, from larger things like defining a strict filming schedule, to small (albeit important) things, like feeding the cast and crew every single day.

Three years later, the film is in the final stages of production, and both the producer and director (along with every other wonderful, talented individual who donated their time to the cause) are still working as hard as ever, still doing everything according to the same vow they made at the very beginning; to make the highest quality, most professional film possible.